Louisville-Superior Baseball Association

The Louisville-Superior Baseball Association (LSB) is the formal name of the booster
club for baseball at Monarch High School.

The purpose of LSB is to provide organizational and financial support for the
baseball program and coaches. LSB is made up of all parents of baseball players and
is led by an executive Board of Directors. The Board is comprised of volunteers and
the head Coach, who is designated as the Head of Baseball Operations.

Most booster clubs operate primarily during that team’s high school season.
However, since baseball has almost become a year-round sport, LSB also acts in an
administrative capacity for Fall Ball, Winter Workouts, and our Summer Program.

Much of the role of LSB is to organize the volunteer efforts of the parents of baseball
players. The Board’s mission is to support the Coach’s program, not define it. The
Board does not have a say in the coaching decisions.